WISE Badges

  • design
  • front-end

WISE Badges is a part of Bridges, a project funded by the Erasmus+ programme to improve gender equity in the access to STEM education


Illustrator, designer, front-end


Nastya Krouglava, Ward Beyens, Freya Van Speybroeck, Asja Dabaut, me

WISE Badges was made at Open Summer of Code (OSOC), a four-week programme. Our project brief was to improve gender equity in access to STEM education. Together with my team, we created WISE Badges, a platform that allows recognising skills within the STEM community by issuing Open Badges. My responsibility was helping in creating a design for the badges and the website, as well as creating the front-end website, which was developed with the front-end framework Vue.

Our code is open-source and available on Github. You can check out the website live as well!

Content /

Open Badges

One of the requirements was creating Open Badges, focused on women in stem. I designed the badges in Illustrator. My main goal was to make the badges "fun", in order to make it more appealing to users to give and receive badges. The WISE Badges are supposed to make the process of giving and receiving recognition easy, fun and inspiring. Awarding people who deserve it, making them feel recognized and especially helping them build their presence within the STEM community.


  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JavaScript


  • Vue

  • Twitter API

Technology /

Social Media Endorsement

We wanted a platform that made it easy to issue Open Badges to other people. As this project had a short timeframe, we focused ourselves on the ability to issue Open Badges through Twitter, with the ability to expand it to other platforms in the future. The back-end team set-up a whole API that would recognize Tweets tweeted to our Twitter bot with the right command.

On the front-end, we let the issuer pick a badge and write down the Twitter handle, this way the Tweet would be pre-build without dealing with the issue of not knowing any of the commands.