The Flying Rainfish

  • 3d
  • design
  • animation

A first time project of 3D design where I learned modelling and animating within Cinema 4D as part of my studies in Devine.


Concept, Design



As an introduction to Cinema 4D within my studies, we had to come up with a machine of our choosing. I had never 3D modelled before, but this proved to be a fun challenge. For my machine, I came up with a flying giant fish that would turn clouds into rain.

Approach /

Learning C4D

As this was my first 3D project, I started off with pen and paper to draw quick sketches of the machine. Within Illustrator I drew a simplistic version of my machine. The Illustrator file was imported within Cinema 4D to serve as a background, which was used as a guide when I started modelling.

Design /


My main model was the machine itself, which I started off by creating a simple zeplin that would later be transformed into a fish. The zeplin contains two main parts, the upper part for the clouds, and the lower part which would serve to drop down raindrops.

Style choices

Within my design I wanted to create a cheerful style. I limited the color palette to three different colors in order to stay consistent. I aimed for a simplistic yet fun design. Aside from the machine itself, I designed a little landscape to really bring the whole concept altogether.

In the end, I brought my models together. The machine was transformed into a fish, and the landscape made the scene complete. The scene was set into an orthographic view, where the main platform serves as a little island where the rain falls onto.

Animation /

Bringing the machine to life

The animation within this project contains of a small little loops that really brings the machine to life. Wether it's the subtle lights on the control panel or the jumping fish out of the water, it really helped setting the whole scene. Overall a nice challenge as my first project within 3D modelling and animating!