Restyling OOR

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Restyling of the OOR website, a Dutch news website revolving around music.





As a design challenge within Devine, we had to come up with a restyling of the website OOR. The style of the current website is outdated and difficult to navigate through. We had the freedom to restyle the whole website, still keeping the current brand in the back of our minds.

Content /

Sitemap & Wireframes

Looking at the current website, the main issue I found was navigating through the website and content hierarchy. The many menu links made it hard to decide where to navigate to. The lack of hierarchy and order made it difficult to look at what was important and what isn't. Keeping this mind, I started designing wireframes of the most important pages, thinking about a new improved site structure and additional content that would benefit the website. Through user personas it became clear what the user was looking for, which was implemented within the wireframes and design.

Design /

New Look & Feel

I wanted to stray away from the generic news website template and make the site appear more exciting. The home page has custom-tailored content for the user. The news pages have a better hierarchy, this way important news articles can have their time in the spotlight.

Experience /

Listening to music

I tried aiming for a better experience, not only by enabling the user to listen to music easily while reading articles about their favourite music and artist but with small scroll animations that add up to the overall experience of the website.

Reading experience

Whereas the current article pages of OOR are filled with content left and right, I wanted to create a more peaceful reading experience. This way, it's more relaxing to read through an article. Keeping in mind the functionality of the page, I made sure that navigating back or to other articles is still possible, but without disrupting the reading experience.