Plantable Coffee Cups

  • design
  • animation

A first time project using After Effects for a Kickstarter campaign promoting reusable cups from Reduce Reuse Grow


Illustrator, animator



A Kickstart campaign video can really make a huge difference in how the campaign performs. For this reason, as a school project, we could choose any Kickstarter campaign we want, and create an animation video within After Effects to promote the product or service. I chose replantable coffee cups which are made by Reduce Reuse Grow.

Concept /


I created a little storyboard which would show the outline of my video, showing how the plantable coffee cup is created and used.

Design /

Colours & Animation

The colour palette consists of a set of bright colours, while I tried to put a more authentic style within the animation to reflect the ecological nature of this campaign. With little background textures and the subtle wobbly lines making a huge difference for the outcome.