Back to your roots

  • back-end
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AVOS is a prototype on how people could travel back to their roots through their ancestors.


Research, Design, Front- & Backend


Ivan Salim Rasoel, Mathias De Wilde, Lien Cardoen, me

Our challenge was to find a way to offer a travel experience in a post-corona era. We chose to give people a travel experience back in time through the lives of their ancestors. The main focus was to offer this in an unordinary, unique way that would be unforgettable for the user.

You are welcome to check out our prototype, note that not all detail pages where filled in due to time restrictions of the challenge, more info on Github.

Research /

Finding our concept

While researching the topic of traveling, we found that people explore the world to discover themselves and get to know who they are more in-depth. Continuing further with that insight, we explored the idea to create a platform where someone can discover themselves through their ancestors. With this in mind, we created AVOS, a fictional platform where you can learn more about your ancestors through your family tree and roots.


  • HTML

  • CSS

  • JS

  • PHP

  • SQL


  • React

  • WebGL

  • ThreeJS

  • Mapbox

Content /


The app has two main features, separated into two views onto a dashboard. The first view shows the relationship between every ancestor, whilst the second view shows additional information; both the geographical location of each ancestor as well as the percentage of roots are found in your DNA for different locations. The ancestor tree was made with WebGL/ThreeJS, for the map we used Mapbox, both were completely new technologies that have been explored, which turned into a fun challenge!

Design /

Style choices

We wanted to create a dark movie-like atmosphere, similar to how Netflix. Most colours come from the images themselves, they were the main focus.