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Eyerie is part of an a paranormal app design challenge, which I've based on The Evil Eye.


Concept, design



The challenge was to create an abnormal app, by a paranormal appearance of our choosing. I chose to base my app on the Evil Eye, more specifically, the ones from the Greek culture. Within the Greek culture, many different kinds of Evil Eyes made an appearance. The different colours of the Evil Eyes represented different meanings.

Concept /

User flow

I decided that I wanted to give users a way to create their own Evil Eyes. Just as the different colours of Evil Eyes within the Greek culture have a different kind of protection, the user could create their own Evil Eye which would then give the user their own talisman, catered to their liking. I started putting the concept into wireframes, to get an idea of how the user flow would be like. The user would be able to customize their Evil Eyes and activate it by letting the app run in the background or posting it on their social media.

Design /

Patterns & Colours

I chose a few main colours, mainly green and pink, those were my primary colours used within the app. For the eyes itself, I created a colour palette, which the user could pick colours from to customize their evil eyes. Aside from the colours, the user would be able to pick a different eye shape and pattern as well. This way the Evil Eye could be customized in a lot of different ways, where each option would have their own benefits.